Window Cleaning in Brisbane

I started window cleaning in Brisbane over 9 years ago and have been working throughout the region ever since.

Brisbane presents an array of different areas to work in, from the cool breezy coast, to the spectacular views out west and of course the bustling city centre, there's always somewhere different to look forward to working in the day.

With its range of areas, Brisbane window cleaning also presents a wide range of variation of issues that can get in the way of clean glass.

These range from sea mist and red soil dust near the bayside, to spider webs and bug spots out west and finally the constant dust from building projects throughout the inner suburbs.

For this reason finding a good reliable Brisbane window cleaner can be a necessity to keep the windows in your house looking great wherever you live.

How I clean windows

Here at Wow Window Cleaning Brisbane window cleaning is what we do, we specialise in residential and small scale commercial window cleaning projects throughout the Brisbane area.

The main process that we use to clean windows is the washer and squeegee method which while old fashioned, I find gives the most consistently A grade results of any other around.

My method

  • Come inside and vacuum the window tracks after agitating loose any dirt or bugs with a small brush
  • Go outside and brush down screens and window sills to remove the bulk of any dust, dirt and cobwebs.
  • Wet the glass with our washers to get everything soaking
  • If needed, scrub the glass with a wet microfibre cloth to remove any hard to remove spots
  • Wash the glass again with the washer
  • Squeegee the glass, being sure to make sure no spots where missed, making sure to dry any remaining water around the edges with a dry cloth
  • Wipe down the inside of the screen with a wet microfibre to remove any remaining dirt
  • Finally we wipe out the track, the window sill and any framework that needs it with our wet microfibre cloth

I have been cleaning windows this way for years and have found that it gives the most consistently great looking job


what next?

If your after a Brisbane window cleaner that has years of experience in making glass shine or have any questions regarding window cleaning give Sean a call today on 0425 001 606